What We’ve Accomplished


The Environment:

I sponsored the Block Grants for Renewable Energy Investment Act which was signed into law. The bill provides grants and loans to businesses looking to invest in renewables. As a result, Californians can now apply for funding for their green projects via the California Natural Resources Agency.

In addition to my own bill, I was a co-sponsor on many other environmentally conscious pieces of legislation. This includes the EARTH FIRST Act which helped set much needed emission standards that will protect our environment.

Health Care:

I sponsored the Medical Education Subsidy Act to help aspiring doctors and nurses pay for school. We can create the most state-of-the-art health care system in the world by investing in the brightest young medical minds.


I was proud to vote for the Higher Education Opportunity and Transparency Act. This legislation keeps colleges accountable on rising costs and helps our students make more informed decisions about higher education.

Additionally, I supported the Strengthening America’s Education Infrastructure Act which provides funds to schools in desperate need of renovations.

Minimum Wage: 

I was a passionate supporter and co-sponsor of the Raise the Wage Act which will gradually raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour in four years. This will ensure that no hard-working families will be forced to live in poverty and will put more money back into our economy.

Voting Rights

I co-sponsored Democracy Day Act which declared Election Day a national holiday. This helps working class people get the time off they need in order to vote and makes sure everyone has an equal opportunity to make their voice heard.

I also proudly voted for the REGISTER Act which simplifies the voter registration process and ensures no one is disenfranchised.


I co-sponsored the GREEN START Act which legalizes Marijuana and uses the tax revenue to fund green energy initiatives. I am proud to have helped modernize our failed war on drugs strategy.

What I’ve Fought Against

Wasteful Military Spending:

I voted to defeat the Mid-Atlantic Defense Act. The bill would have unfairly given all new military contracts to the Mid-Atlantic and would have been a terrible allocation of our precious resources.

Big Oil:

I helped defeat a bill that would have given big American oil companies an unnecessary tax break and raised taxes on imported oil. Not only would this have increased emissions, but the vast majority of economists agreed that it would raise gas prices. I voted to protect the average American at the pump.

Notable Endorsements 

League of Conservation Voters:

I am honored to have received the support from the leading advocacy group for environmental protection. They commended my “steadfast determination to protect and preserve our environment.”

American Medical Association:

I am proud to have received the backing of this esteemed collection of medical professionals. They said of my efforts to oppose the lowering of the drinking age: “Senator Swit demonstrated his commitment to public health, mental health, and cognitive development.”

American Farm Bureau Federation:

I have always stood by farmers here in California and across the nation.  I was honored to recieve the support of the AFBF. They praised my “hard work and commitment to passing bills that protect the rights and interests of American Farmers.”




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